Get the Best Performance With Yamaha NP32

Yamaha NP32

Exquisite tone with a compact, light instrument – the Yamaha NP32 compact keyboard is the perfect combination of simplicity and versatility. Designed around the essentials that enable you to focus on playing while having the comfort and flexibility of a normal keyboard, NP32 keyboards stress the inspiration and enjoyment of learning to play a piano, and yet provide the purity of one of Yamaha’s most exquisite grand pianos. The Yamaha NP32 Piano is a lightweight, ergonomic keyboard that provides you with the playing benefits of a full size piano without the bulk or unwieldiness. This versatile keyboard has all the functions you need for practicing and composing music, and all the feel you expect from a full-sized piano.

The built-in stereo headphones provided with the Yamaha NP32 give you the opportunity to practice even without the condition of hearing. The built-in sound card enables the player to practice and compose without interference. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, the built-in sound card gives you the opportunity to play along with other players at the same time and hear only the best quality of their output. Connect the NP32 to a computer using one of your PC’s USB ports, and it becomes a true miniature music rest, with a large LCD and a very responsive touch-pad.

When you play the piano, your hand needs to be in constant contact with the keys to produce the finest result. With the use of a digital keyboard, you can now play compositions and songs that were thought to be impossible to play before. For professionals, especially those who do not have time to visit their pianos regularly, the NP32 offers a great solution. You can get the greatest possible quality of digital piano sound without having to carry around a larger instrument. The onboard speakers of the NP32 will enable you to enjoy all of your favorite piano music at the optimum volume.

The onboard memory enables you to store the best piano songs and compositions that you want to play at various times. If you change the session to something different, simply switch back to the soft touch keyboard and play your favorite composition as if you were actually playing at the piano. The onboard speakers will replicate the softest sounding piano sounds for maximum enjoyment. It also provides the clearest audio reproduction out of any piano or keyboard. What more could you possibly need from a piano?

For those who like to perform while traveling on planes, trains, buses or even automobiles, the built-in adaptable sustain pedal allows you to play along regardless of whether there are distractions in the surroundings. The sustain pedal functions exactly like the original piano used in the movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.” The graded soft touch keyboard of the NP32 gives you the ability to simply play along and let the onboard speakers take the lead. Even if you are driving, riding an elevator or sitting in traffic, you can enjoy the best playing experience with Yamaha’s Classifieds for Yamaha NP32.

When you purchase a piano or keyboard, you should consider its size, cost and portability. But, what might be the most important factor that you should consider when looking for a good sounding, affordable digital keyboard? That would be its playing experience. And, for most people, the Yamaha NP32 fits the bill perfectly. This powerful musical instrument is truly perfect for those who are passionate about music and making it their career.