How to Install an Asphalt Driveway

If you are considering filling in your driveway or do not want to deal with the expensive job of repaving your Grand Rapids asphalt driveway, it may be a good idea to consider installing asphalt. There are many benefits to having asphalt installed in your driveway. You will save money on your paving job and most importantly you will avoid the hassle of dealing with peeling paint and excessive upkeep on your Grand Rapids driveway.

Before you install the asphalt in your driveway you should know a few things about it. Because you will be dealing with the asphalt on a regular basis it is important that you fully understand how it is to be installed. This will help you avoid a lot of the problems that can occur.

The first thing that you will need to do is to prepare the surface that you will be laying the asphalt on. This is the first step of laying the asphalt on the floor of your driveway. It is recommended that you use a grout sealer to prepare the concrete before the asphalt goes in. This will help to keep the grout from loosening up and allowing water to seep in which will cause the grout to seep out the grout joint, which in turn would allow the asphalt to break apart.

When you lay the asphalt on a regular basis you will need to make sure that you have enough pressure applied to get the concrete to dry. It is also recommended that you follow the instructions on the box to make sure that you are not pushing too hard. As long as you have the proper pressure applied and are not using too much pressure you should be okay.

The second step that you will need to take is to mix two or three part granular asphalt and pour this into a tarp to sit in the sun for at least two days. You will also need to mix a ten percent aggregate and mix this with another tarp. You will then need to roll the tarp over the surface of the concrete until it reaches the top of the surface.

Now it is time to add the aggregate to the area of the driveway that you want to add the asphalt. You will need to work from the point where the driveway meets the house and work your way back towards the garage and up the side of the house. Once you have spread the aggregate, you will need to smooth it out so that it does not fall through the cracks that you have made by adding the asphalt.

After you have finished the asphalt, you will need to protect the surface that you have just finished. One option for this is to go in and use a natural or artificial stone which can be purchased at any home improvement store. Another option would be to go in and buy a brush guard which is usually made of metal and easily cleaned. You will also want to make sure that you rake the gravel into the ground so that the aggregate will go into the crack and not be chipped off when you drive your car on the asphalt.

Finally, you will want to make sure that you use a gravel berm to cover up the area that you just filled in with the asphalt. This will help to eliminate the chunks of dirt that you will sometimes find. You will also want to add the runoff for any runoff that you may have and prevent any muddy puddles that you may have with your driveway.