How to Make Sense of Stock Option Trading Alerts

stock option trading alerts

To make sense of the stock option trading alerts, it’s important to understand the basic premise behind these services. Some services focus on a particular stock, while others cover a variety of industries. Here are some examples of useful alerts:


Benzinga stock option trading alerts are an excellent way to stay on top of the latest options activity. The platform also includes a unique option calendar that lets you view recent sweeps and large block trades. With this feature, you can choose which option trades are most important to you and which ones to ignore. This tool is available on the Benzinga Pro newsfeed, and it is free for two weeks.

Benzinga Pro subscribers can subscribe to the Option Activity tool to monitor unusual options activity. This tool lets you filter by watchlists and fundamental data, price, volume, and more. You can also set desktop notifications to hear when a stock trades a particular option. These alerts are dummy-proof. And because the data is constantly being updated, you won’t miss anything important. You can receive alerts by email, desktop notifications, or audio.

Motley Fool Options

A subscription to Motley Fool Options stock option trading alert¬†options trading alerts service service is a great way to receive new investment recommendations every month. The Motley Fool’s team of experts analyzes the market and makes recommendations based on sound research. The Motley Fool’s trade thesis provides insight into the rationale behind each recommendation. You’ll receive trade alerts based on specific company details and industry trends. These alerts are ideal for investors who prefer to trade for the long-term.

The Motley Fool Options service also offers access to past option trade recommendations and performance. You can also view research reports that analyze options. Motley Fool Options stock option trading alerts will include information on various strategies for lowering risks and reducing upfront investments. Despite the name, the Motley Fool Options service isn’t for everyone. While it may sound like a great investment option, it’s not for everyone. Those with little or no experience in options trading may find Motley Fool Options stock option trading alerts to be a good fit.


The Optionsonar platform offers real-time notifications via text, email or push notifications. It is easy to set up and customize alerts according to your needs. You can even customize the alerts by the expiration date and moneyness of the underlying asset. Optionsonar is available in four different plans. The first plan is $35 per month, and is a great place to start if you are unsure of whether you need alerts in options or other financial markets.

Optionsonar is a web-based service that monitors the options market and highlights unusual activity. Its options activity scanner gives you a comprehensive overview of large market changes, including institutional investor trading activity. Optionsonar also provides a block trade screener that helps you determine the best trades based on a wide range of parameters. A watchlist and market overview allow you to follow a list of stocks or indexes to learn about their movements.