Providers of Family Child Care Services

Location: PHO-PHI. The professional association of child care professionals, teachers, coaches, researchers, and advocates works to improve the education, social skills, emotional health, physical health, self-esteem, and development of all children. As the eighth state in the United States to form a formal non-profit organization for families and educators, The Professional Family Child Care Association (PFCCA) strives to support families in teaching children to be self-reliant, self-directional, responsible, and well-rounded. The organization also provides resources and services for families and individuals working in child care settings.

Family Child Care Association

DESTINATION: PHO-PHI is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. PHO-PHI was established in 1977 and is a member of the Indianapolis Teachers Union and the National Education Association. The organization has helped raise funds for professional development for its members, provided scholarships for professional development, and has helped maintain the professional development of its local affiliates. A wide range of professional development and community outreach activities are carried out by the organization. The association also works diligently to ensure that children in need of early learning have an adequate and quality early childhood education.

PARTNERS: The membership is composed of over 1400 child care providers and educational researchers. The organization welcomes people from a variety of professional backgrounds and relationships. This includes government officials, researchers, entrepreneurs, attorneys, teachers, researchers, consultants, and social workers. The association strives to build strong ties with related organizations. These relationships allow families and professionals to work more effectively towards a common goal.

BOARD OF TRUST FUNDING: The board of trustees is responsible for approving and implementing the strategic plans of the Family Child Care Association. The primary purpose of the board is to protect the interests of the provider members and to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their services. The primary mode of selection of board members is by competitive bidding. The association does not utilize the internal membership structure to select board members.

NATIONAL CAPTAINS: The National Council of Family Child Care Associations, or the NCFCC, is an independent agency of the American Medical Association. The NCFCC serves as the voice and conscience of the medical community in helping to shape the practice of family child care. The association has published a policy manual that outlines its mission, standards, roles, and responsibilities. In addition, the manual provides a glossary of medical terms and a bibliography of research on family child care providers. Other information available is that the NCFCC does not take political positions on specific issues, but works in collaboration with affected parties to build consensus.

REFERENCES: The medical journals may contain articles on this topic. The Internet provides access to the archives of major publications from all parts of the world. In addition, the American Journal of Nursing is free to download from the website and is a valuable source for research. The reference pages for the national association to provide access to a directory of providers, as well as contact details for physicians who participate in the association.