The Benefits Of Fire Watch Guards

What is Fire Watch Guards? Fire watch services are specially designated on-site personnel who are stationed at specific locations to monitor activities inside buildings that are considered “controlled” by a Fire Watch Command. Services usually include: Patrolling This is when on-duty guards patrol specific areas of a facility at pre-designated times throughout the day and at night. These areas are usually cordoned off with security personnel. The guard may be responsible for locating and reporting any suspicious activities, alarms, or extinguishers located in the location.

Fire Watch Guards

Guard duty usually involves working long shifts and may be called upon to patrol at night. In some cases, several guards are designated to patrol certain areas at designated times of the day. Other duties of a fire watch guards include responding to emergency calls and attending fires that occur within the facility. While most guards are just plain people doing their job, there are several who have special training in areas such as CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), bomb detection and defusing dangerous chemicals.

Fire watch guards must undergo basic training in fire safety, emergency procedures, and business law enforcement. They are also expected to undergo specialized, continuing education training every three years. Guards are also expected to complete a physical test each year to check for potential fire hazards. In some states, an applicant must successfully pass a psychological evaluation as well. All potential candidates are required to undergo a background check to determine whether they have a history of mental illness or other disorders that could negatively affect their ability to protect individuals and property.

There are many reasons why a business might choose to hire fire watch guards. Large corporations hire these types of security guards because they can monitor building activity and prevent theft, damage and emergencies. Often companies offer a better level of protection if only one employee is working in an area that is susceptible to fire. A single employee can make mistakes that can easily result in damage and loss of property, while a large company cannot afford to lose hundreds or thousands of dollars because one worker is careless and allows fire to get out of control. A company that protects its most valuable assets understands that it needs fire watch guards.

Private business owners may also hire fire watch guards because they help reduce their liability and expenses associated with fire hazards on their premises. While most businesses have insurance coverage for lost time and a few dollars for medical expenses, there is often nothing to replace those wages and the mental stress that is put onto employees when a building is burned. Fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, can be an even bigger loss for employers if they are used to contain small accidental fires before they get out of control and spread. It is also important for employers to understand that they need to make sure that all employees know how to safely use all of the fire equipment on site, which means not only learning how to use the equipment but also being aware when it is needed.

Fire watch security guards can also protect a construction site by alerting the fire department of any hazards. If a large explosion is going to occur in the area, the fire department will likely be called for assistance. However, if the explosion is contained within the building, the fire department can arrive much sooner and handle the situation. Fire watch security is also necessary for those who work at night, which means that they should be alert and aware at all times. By taking advantage of the benefits of having one of these guards on site, business owners and employers will be able to reduce their risk of injury and property damage by providing the fire department with regular information about fire hazards.