Yard Pong – A Great Game For the Backyard

Yard pong is a game where you bounce buckets in an attempt to eliminate the other team’s buckets. When throwing and bouncing the ball, players should stand behind the last bucket in the team’s possession. Eventually, the goal of the game is to eliminate all of the other teams’ buckets.

Giant yard pong

Giant yard pong is a fantastic game for any backyard. It is suitable for people of all ages and can be enjoyed by everyone, including the little ones! This game comes with 12 buckets and 2 high quality tennis or special balls. The buckets are 4mm thick and the balls are made from high quality rubber so they will last a long time. The balls are also much more durable than the usual wiffle balls, which can break or become brittle.

The Giant Yard Pong set comes with instructions and a shoulder strap to carry the giant balls. The game can be played by 2-4 players or teams. The buckets can be filled with sand or water to make them heavier. It is also great for tailgate parties and beach parties.

Giant wooden tower game

Having a yard pong party can be a lot of fun, and the Giant Wooden Tower Game is one great way to create an outdoor party atmosphere. This yard pong durable yard game is made of sustainably harvested New Zealand pine wood and is handcrafted to ensure smooth play. This game is recommended for kids eight years and older, and it comes with a carrying case made of high-strength nylon.

This giant outdoor game, also known as giant Jenga, features 56 wooden blocks that can reach six feet high. It can be played with two or more players, and is great for backyard yard games. To play the game, players take turns placing and removing blocks. Once the tower is assembled, it can reach as high as 1.2m.

Giant 4 in a Row game

This blown-up version of a favorite tabletop game is a fun way to spend the day. Players take turns dropping coins in the grid and aim to get four of the same color in a row. Giant 4 is great for all ages, and will keep everyone entertained for hours.

This set features a sturdy carrying case and instructions to play. It is the perfect outdoor game for two or more players and is suitable for tailgates or beach parties. The game comes with two balls and two buckets, and is easy to set-up and take down.

Quidditch pong

If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to spend your weekends, you can have a yard game of Quidditch pong. The name comes from Harry Porter’s novels, and the game requires high hoops. Here’s how to set up the field for a fun backyard game.